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Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not)Introduction by Harold Augenbraum A Note on the Translation Suggestions for Further Reading Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not)To My Country1.

Juan Crisostomo Ibarra is a young Filipino who, after studying for seven years in Europe, returns to his native land to find that his father, a wealthy landowner, has died in prison as the result of a quarrel with the parish curate, a Franciscan friar named Padre Damaso.

The great novel of the Philippines In more than a century since its appearance, José Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere has become widely known as the great novel of the Philippines.

A passionate love story set against the ugly political backdrop of repression, torture, and murder, “The Noli,” as it is called in the Philippines, was the first major artistic manifestation of Asian resistance to European colonialism, and Rizal became a guiding conscience—and martyr—for the revolution that would subsequently rise up in the Spanish province.

Ibarra’s escape had been effected by Elias, who conveys him in a up the Pasig to the Lake, where they are so closely beset by the Civil Guard that Elias leaps into the water and draws the pursuers away from the boat, in which Ibarra lies concealed.

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