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I can still wear a bikini and I get a lot of good looks from other men even though my husband doesn't. I couldn't wait to see him cum and I wasn't disappointed, shit he shot a good load. I walked into the living room and sat down next to mom. Alright but you know he could ask us to do anything, and I mean anything. I told Tracy to undress and stay away from the camera on my MB Air so we could surprise him. ----------------------------------------------------------- A view of David sitting in the chair and he was rubbing his already hard cock. My breasts are still firm even though I've breast fed and my nipples are quite large (probably from suckling Tracy). x Julia ---------------------------------------------------------- To: XXXXXXXXXXXX From: [email protected] Julia You sound like you are a beautiful woman and will make a great main character. I froze the scene and drubbed my clit like crazy until I had a huge orgasm. You need to delete that Face Time session before dad finds it. Yes you did mom, probably by accident, but I deleted it.

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What do you want your character to be and maybe you have some thoughts on a title.

x David ---------------------------------------------------------- To: [email protected]: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Story David Thanks for the compliment, I've attached a photo of me, unfortunately not in a bikini. xx Julia BTW a good title might be The Slutty Wife ---------------------------------------------------------- To: XXXXXXXXXXXX From: [email protected] Julia Damn you are so hot I almost came in my pants reading it. I can just imagine it now with four guys masturbating and you holding those D-sized tits up with both hands and one by one they shoot their loads of hot creamy cum all over them, letting it run down over your hard nipples onto your stomach and into your pussy hairs.

Julia ---------------------------------------------------------- Oh my God am I in deep shit. If you read her emails you will see that I tried to make sure she was over eighteen as I would never want to get involved with a fourteen year old girl. I'm not going to cum inside her Julia, I'm saving that for your mouth as I know how much you like the taste of cum. I pushed my cock into Tracy's wet hole and it slipped in easily. Oh I never knew that a cock in my pussy would feel so good. With that I pumped six streams of cum into her mouth. I was finally through and my now flaccid cock dropped between my legs. We all lay on the bed and relaxed after two hours of wonderful sex. Then Stephanie told them that she was sat on the toilet with her bikini bottoms around her ankles when a man came in and showed his cock to her.

What can I do to make amends apart from offering my sincere apologies? Mom repositioned the camera so David could get a good shot of the side of my face and mom's pussy. I took my cock by the shaft and rubbed the head around her lips and clit. You are so tight Tracy I was afraid I would hurt you. Julia had taken it all but saved a little on her tongue. Tracy, what did you mean when you said you knew why your dad didn't want to fuck me. Well I guess a few years ago, I think I was twelve at the time and we were at the community pool. I know you would never have let me wear one like that when I was eleven. Any way he kept staring at Stephanie, particularly her tits as she had the biggest in their group. A few minutes later Stephanie came back, she was in a hurry. One girl said that they should call the police, but Stephanie said no as she didn't want to have to say what happened as it would be too embarrassing. A month or so later, he told me to sit on his lap while he watched TV. He kept moving around in the chair and I could feel a bulge pressing into my bottom. Anyway he put his hand on my thigh and moved his finger up to touch my panties.

I have to do it in the bathroom though as he would think it nasty. Unfortunately he doesn't fuck me much these days -- we only have sex maybe once a month -- if that. xxx Julia ---------------------------------------------------------- To: XXXXXXXXXXXX From: [email protected] Julia What a shame, that beautiful hot body going to waste. Well he never said outright but I got the impression he would love to do it to me and you. Well, we have been getting hot and sexy in our emails.

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