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"I somehow found myself in a Twitter war with Roy Moore." This is true - the U. Senate Republican nominee from Alabama fired off a couple tweets at Kimmel after "Jake Byrd" (a character on Kimmel's show played by comedian Tony Barbieri) crashed his rally at a church Wednesday. Thursday afternoon, Moore tweeted this to Kimmel: If you want to mock our Christian values, come down here to Alabama and do it man to man.Byrd pretended to be an ardent Moore supporter and "defended" him against accusations of sexual misconduct with teen girls while he was in his 30s. Kimmel explained the whole situation during his monologue - and he didn't hold back. "You know, Roy Moore, this guy running for Senate in Alabama, even though multiple women accused him of hitting on them, groping them, etc., before they were 18-years-old? Famous celebrity feuds happening the year you were born1982: Michael Jackson vs.Related tropes include Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend (if the other bandmates think she gets special treatment); Contractual Purity (where the fans demand that the celebrity not date Yuri: Hey Athena... I mean, you can't hang out with friends in public or date and stuff, right...?

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does that look like the face of someone who hits on teenage girls?!

Prince When two pop icons release huge albums just a month apart, you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for a feud.

They eventually made up and Waters has since admitted to regretting the legal battle. David Gilmour At the tail end of the year, bassist Roger Waters announced he was leaving the legendary rock group.

Tensions had risen with Gilmour while working on their ... Johnny Carson Long before she was eviscerating fugly red carpet dresses, Rivers was a staple of "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson." She filled in for the host frequently and eventually became the show’s permanent guest host.

but I'm happy to be an idol, so I can accept these inconveniences!

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